oreck xl tower Rating

Oreck XL Tower

Oreck XL Tower Electrostatic Precipitator Air Purifier Review

The Oreck XL Tower electrostatic air purifier is an electronic air cleaner that uses a series of electronically charged plates that they call the Truman Cell to clean the air.  The Truman Cell is a permanent filter that requires cleaning by the user and is much smaller than the plates in the Friedrich C90B.

Since the Oreck XL purifier has a tower design, it has a relatively small footprint that fits better within a smaller sized room.  The Oreck XL tower air purifier also features an Oxygenator that they claim “converts harmful ozone into breathable oxygen”.  Oreck does not list specifications on their web site that relate to the amount of ozone that is produced by the tower air purifier so we are not able to make a comparison on this safety item with other air purifier models.

Approximate Price: $599