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Oreck ProShield Review

The ProShield air purifier is Oreck’s latest electronic air cleaner and replaces the Oreck XL air purifier model.  The Oreck ProShield air purifier uses the Truman Cell to capture airborne particles in the electronically charged plates.  The Truman Cell is a permanent filter also known as a filter-less air filter that requires cleaning by the user and the plates in the ProShield have less surface area than the Oreck tower air purifier so the room coverage is smaller.

The Oreck ProShield air purifier can lay flat or stand up giving the user some options in how they want to display the air purifier.  With measurements of 10.5” by 18”, this air purifier is much smaller than most other air purifiers.  Oreck does not list the air flow ratings for the ProShield air purifier on their web site however they do state it can clean a 12’x18’ room twice per hour.

For allergy or asthma relief we suggest an air purifier clean a room four times per hour so that would translate into the Oreck ProShield having an effective cleaning coverage rating for a 9’x12’ room – that’s a very tiny bedroom.  Oreck does not list specifications on their web site that relate to the amount of ozone that is produced by the ProShield air purifier so we are not able to make a comparison on this safety item with other air purifier model reviews.


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