molekule air purifier


Molekule Home Air Purifier

The Molekule air purifier uses a pre-filter and a PECO (Photo Electrochemical Oxidation) filter. The pre-filter captures particulates like pet hair and large dust particles. The PECO filter is technology that they have patented. Essentially, it destroys VOC’s to clean your air as opposed to a traditional HEPA filter or carbon filter that traps pollutants.

The first thing we noticed is the sleek look since the outside is made of machined aluminum. It has a convenient leather carrying handle so it is easy to move between rooms.

The user interface has a touch screen display with a few different menus that are accessed by swiping left or right. There is an auto mode along with silent and boost modes.

The product can also be controlled via a smartphone with the Molekule app.

It is 23″ tall and has a diameter of 8.25″.  It has a slightly smaller footprint than several of the HEPA air purifiers we have tested.

For the purposes of this test we did not install the app as we were able to assess the performance with the controls on the air cleaner.

Approximate Price: $799