3M Ultra

3M Ultra Clean Air Purifier Review

The 3M ultra clean air purifier uses a charged media filter that is designed to remove larger sized particles such as visible dust and pollen.  This is not a HEPA filter but since it uses a mechanical filter. From our review it appears to be closer in performance to a higher end 3M air filter that you can install in your HVAC system.

This air purifier is designed for seasonal allergy sufferers however those with severe allergies or asthma will want to go with a true HEPA air purifier.  The 3M Ultra Clean air purifier is one of the quieter air purifiers we have tested due to a lower efficiency filter that is not as restrictive to the air flow as we see in the HEPA air filters.  This air purifier has only one filter so no pre-filter to help capture the large dust and no carbon for odors or VOC removal.

Approximate Price: $300