As the seasons come and go, sometimes a persistent dry, throaty cough or moist cough may remain. We understand how unpleasant a chronic cough can be due to serious allergies, so we’ve prepared a quick summary of some key points of interest about air purifiers and the flu, air purifiers for congestion and the best air purifiers for dry coughs. 

What causes a cough?

More commonly associated with irritation in the throat, a cough can be the result of more serious respiratory issues. Unfortunately, in the challenging and uncertain times of today’s pandemic-afflicted world, a simple, innocent cough is met with ice-cold stares and looks of disdain (and even aggression and disgust). This irritation prompts a muscular reaction in your body – a hardcoded, often involuntary, reflex to expel mucus, microbes and foreign particles from the respiratory system, aiding in the protection of your lungs from possible infection and swelling. 

A basic timeline (made both with comedy and with serious thought in mind) on the stages for coughs and human reactions can be found below:

  • <30 seconds – Before all this, during simpler and less chaotic times, coughing randomly for a few moments can be the results of “something going down the wrong hole” whilst eating. 
  • 12-48 hours – Coughing for a couple of hours, going into a time period of a day or more and people usually think they are coming down with the flu or the common cold. Probably best to stay home.
  • 0-1 Weeks – When your cough fails to go away and you’re now counting into the weeks, a case of allergic triggers or Bronchitis may come to mind for many. 
  • 3+ Weeks – It is usually at this point when many people begin to worry, and one’s imagination may grab hold. Suddenly, that visit to the doctors one may have been delaying for whatever reason becomes more and more of a priority on the list of your daily “to-dos” (as a word of friendly, non-medical advice – if you are coughing weeks on end without no prior history of allergies or asthma – please see a medical professional for your own benefit and health!).

Common Causes of Nagging or Persistent Coughs

Common causes 

Less common causes 

  • Airborne environmental irritants
  • Breathing in while swallowing
  • Heart failure
  • Lung infections
  • Whooping cough

Common Causes of coughs in smokers

  • Tobacco smoke
  • Lung cancer
  • Lung infections and Other lung diseases

Can an Air Purifier Help with the flu, congestion or a dry cough? 

A chesty cough can range from annoying to painful and you’ll look for anything to make you feel better. A recent trend which the team at Air Purifier Ratings have noticed is the increase in search engine results for terms such as “air purifier flu”, “air purifier for congestion”, or “air purifier for dry cough”. As such, we’ve put together our thoughts for people searching for an answer. The use of an air purifier for cough combined with a humidifier can help reduce the allergens or germs which may be causing the cough, as well as adding moisture to the air to assist in loosening any throat-irritating phlegm which may potentially be the cause the cough. Explore our reviews for Whole House Air Purifiers as an ideal solution for cleaner, healthier indoor air.


The common, (yet somewhat morbid) joke of, “You sound like you’re dying!” is an exclamation heard from your peers once a chest, dry cough of most, rough cough is heard. Although not an immediate sign of guaranteed departure from this dear world, it is the sign of your body putting up a fight against something which shouldn’t be there. Coughing plays a vital role in your body’s defence against disease and is a natural sign your body is able, ready, and willing to put up a fight.