Air Purifier Ratings

Updated for 2022

Welcome!  Our goal is to provide you with free air purifier reviews in an easy to read comparison format.

When we started we didn’t know much about air purifiers.  After being in the market a few years ago for an air purifier we put together our experiences.  As engineers this somehow became a project that took on a life of it’s own.  After doing this for a couple years we set up this web site.

This content is from a variety of sources. Most of the information is from live product testing. We also look at consumer feedback ratings.  As well as independent test results of HEPA air purifiers. Combining testing with consumer reviews gives both technical and real life assessments.  The goal is for you to get cleaner air.

To give you better insights into the top ranked air purifiers we include product videos. What you see are the best videos available from youtube. To save you time in your research and see them in action.

Therefore with the listing of air purifier ratings you can find the air cleaner that is best suited for your home.  We hope that you find our site a valuable resource.  And to save you time in your quest for clean air.

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